08 Jan

For years, gemstones have been greatly used in making ornaments and jewelry because of its aesthetics. In the market, you will find gemstones in a wide range of qualities, colors, and cuts thus making the process of buying nerve-racking. Moreover, you should not that there are suppliers of counterfeit gemstones. Without knowledge regarding gemstones, you might not be able to distinguish between a real and fake one. Some of the vital aspects that you should look into when buying gemstones include clarity, weight, and color. Even so, making the right decision when buying gemstones is still a challenge to most people and that is why the use of a professional guide is highly encouraged. Here is a guide for buying the right gemstones at GemstoneUniverse.com.

First and foremost, examine the cut of the gemstone. The cut is a vital aspect as it dictates the value. As a beginner, you should choose a gemstone with a precise cut and proportional surfaces. It is the surfaces that are responsible for the reflection and brilliance of gemstones. In addition to cut, you should establish the clarity of the gemstone. A nice gemstone should be flawless. Using your hand, you should check if the gemstones are smooth and free from all marks or blemishes. Know the gemstones pricing here!

As mentioned earlier, gemstones are available in different colors. The common colors of gemstones that you will find in the market are red, pink, blue, and green. Blue colored gemstones are known to be the most eye-pleasing but you should not limit your choices to blue since people have different tastes. Once you settle for a color, you should examine the gemstone to check for cloudiness as this can greatly compromise the brightness. Also, check the transparency of the gemstones which is the amount of light that can diffuse through it. A good gemstone should have a high transparency value. Make sure to check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/22/luxury/car-boot-sale-diamond-sothebys/index.html for more details about gemstones.

Carat is another vital aspect to look into when buying gemstones. Carat is usually the measure of weight. One carat of gemstones is equivalent to 200 grams. A gemstone is a naturally occurring mineral. However, before it is taken to the market, it undergoes different treatments to achieve the shape, color, and aesthetics. The treatment usually defines the quality of gemstones. Treatment should be limited to boosting the quality of the mineral and no enhancing aspects such as color. If possible, you should buy a natural gemstone as it is more valuable. In conclusion, when shopping for gemstones, you should ensure you use this guide so that you can make the right decision.

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